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    This is the story of a miracle many years in the making. Five years ago I sat in our little yellow car with two young boys outside of the minute clinic. Brad’s ear was pained with infection. One prescription later we were on our way home. After a week the infection was not resolving so off to a primary care doctor he went. Another prescription in hand, a little stronger, and he was on his way home. And again he went back, still with pain. “Here, try this one, it’s a little stronger”, they said. Going to bed one night he told me his face looked off as he was brushing…

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    a poem, aged 4 years

    Our house on Harvard had a kitchen window that was right next to a busy walkway.  I wrote this poem on April Fool’s day, 2014. ————————————— Windows open, spaces commune. The inside welcomes the outside, private life seeps into public. The clank of dishes drifts outside, the smell of breaking bread teases passersby. It is spring again and life is shared.