Rabbitry in Columbus, Ohio – New Zealand Rabbits

We have a small rabbitry as part of our urban homestead, where we raise New Zealand rabbits.

We currently have four does and two bucks.  We have new bunnies monthly, in a variety of colors.

All of our bunnies are for sale.  Bunnies may be purchased as breeders, or for meat.  We sell each bunny for $6 + $1/week of age.  Example: a 6-week old rabbit is $12, a 9 week old rabbit is $15.

Currently, you may select from the following litters:

Born April 15, 2014: 8 bunnies – white, wild black/brown, broken black. Currently unsexed. Will be slaughtered ~6/28.

Born May 16/18, 2014: 12 bunnies (two separate litters) – choose from white,  wild brown, black, broken brown, broken black or broken gray.  Currently unsexed.

Born June 16, 2014: Uncounted, unsexed, unknown.

Our breeding does are black, broken black, broken gray and brown.  Our bucks are brown and broken black.

All of our animals are raised on natural pellet feed, supplemented with hay and vegetable scraps.  We do not use anti-biotics.

Pinkies and fuzzies are also available.