Theo’s Story

**Theo started building this fort in the spring and worked on it all summer. Β He will be taking it down in the next few days so he wrote a story and took some pictures to remember it by.**


Theo’s Storrey

I bilte a fort and it wuse garart.
I bilte it bi my slof.
I had deun it garart.
It wouse the beste.
Sind by Theo


Theo’s story

I built a fort and it was great.
I built it by myself.
I had done it great.
It was the best.

Signed by Theo


8 thoughts on “Theo’s Story

  1. Too cute! All you post about your 3 boys reminds me of my 3. They built a fort one summer in a tree. After they finished they ask their dad to come look. Well he told them they couldn’t ever go up there again. It was clear at the top and very unstable. Lesson learned ask dad first!!!!

  2. I have been a teacher for so long that I could read and understand his version, without the translation. Good story Theo!

  3. A beautiful testament to the way you are raising your children. Thank you for sharing their creativity and talent with us!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s been neat to watch him build it, but we’re looking forward to having it out of our field and being able to mow again πŸ™‚

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