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    Slow Christmas : The Tree

    I was talking with a friend recently, a great fan of the Christmas season, who asked when we’re putting our tree up. “Well,” I hesitated, “we’re waiting until December 21st.” A conversation was sparked about how differently God calls families to within his Kingdom. They have felt called to really CELEBRATE holidays, and are gifted with the talent to do so in a wonderful and beautiful way. Brad and I feel called to explore a different kind of Christmas this year. “Slow Christmas” When Christmas is over we often wish we had done it differently. A couple of years ago I made a note from a book on mountaintop mining.…

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    Black Friday

    I wrote a couple of rants about Black Friday this morning and quickly deleted them all because I sounded like a jerk. Finally I asked God what he wanted me to write about Black Friday and I heard “nothing.” To those that choose to get up early and enjoy this time shopping with family, God blesses and loves you. To those that choose to buy nothing today, God blesses and loves you. That’s it. God loves us.

  • poetry

    Day after prayer

    Spirit filled room, Hands pressed into My arms, head, back. Powerful words spoken As an act of Heaven Reaching down to Earth. Quiet parts of My heart drawn into the open, Released into the world. Soul renewed for the work Of His hands Via my hands. Single tears pool at the Corners of my eyes And with a smile I cry, “Joy!”    

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    Photo dump

    Yesterday and today were shitty days. As the days wore on it felt like one rock after another was piled onto my back until I was slumped over and sad. But! The story gets better, it gets better because I have friends who at the drop of my hat will pray for me and my shitty day. And not just say they will pray, but literally stop working and pray to God for my life, and then take the time to send me eight minute long voxes with words that the Spirit gave them through prayer. I am so blessed. Then I spent time looking through pictures from the last…

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    A miracle

    The first undeniable, instantaneous miracle I saw was in June 2015. I had met a guy named Wade a few months earlier when we moved to Zanesville. He claimed to be seeing miracles regularly while praying for people on the streets of Zanesville, and he invited me to come out with him. That first day I went with Wade to pray for people, we met a woman named Michelle down at the thrift store. She was shopping, and Wade believed that God told him this random woman had one leg which was shorter than the other. When Wade approached her, this stranger, and asked her if this was true, she…