A year

Last year we were in a hard place in our ministry and it felt like there wasn’t much we could do to change that.

We would go to church and my tears would flow nearly every week. I would think about the situations that had transpired and feel so hopeless. I would fear that all God had led us to was crumbling beneath our feet.

My mind would go over what happened repeatedly. I learned what I could from it, but then would sit with what couldn’t be changed and wrestle with how it didn’t feel very good. It didn’t feel good when many of our students quit in the first year of our school. It didn’t feel good to know that our names and ministry were being slandered. It didn’t feel good to lose more and more support.

Brad and I spent most of our evenings last summer in conversation and prayer about what to do. We came to the conclusion that God did indeed call us to this mission and that even if only person showed up we would serve and teach that one person. Even if we didn’t get paid again, find a building, or have a full roster of students, we would still be obedient to God’s calling upon our lives.

We were certain of the calling but we began to reevaluate the rest of what we were doing. We needed to make some changes so we rebranded as The Company and moved one town over to a small place where God is doing big things.

Last summer we felt like lonely ships out to sea, this summer it feels like we’re flowing in the stream of Godly community. We have so much love and support from people who actually have faith in what we are doing. They champion us, pray for us, and show up to help (over and over again).

We are overwhelmed with goodness in a community who cares deeply to not only see us succeed, but most importantly to see God’s Kingdom advance here on earth. We have some amazing new apprentices coming in a month and we finally have a building to house our ministry. We are graduating our first student in less than two weeks and she is releasing her first published book TOMORROW!

What looked so broken last summer is so full of life now.

God can do so much in one year. Give Him your all and see what He does with it.

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