There was a time in my life that I made a decision.  It was a decision between believing that I can make great things happen and believing that my life was gifted to me by God.

I imagine you know which one I chose.

I took my talents (many which I had not even discovered yet), my money, my marriage, my comings and goings and I told God that he could do with them what he thought best.

I wish there was some dramatic event in which this happened but there wasn’t. It was a slow and steady series of decisions in which I listened to that quiet, still voice that points me in the right direction.  Perhaps you call it your instinct or gut feeling.

My stewardship of my life is a result of my belief.  I believe that God has a much better path laid out for me than I could ever imagine on my own.  I also believe God has given me really incredible gifts and talents that I can use not only to support myself but also to inspire others.

Sometimes I feel very different.

It has recently occurred to me that perhaps I feel different because I am of the minority (I think) that lives under the law of stewardship rather than the law of ownership.

In our world the law of ownership is top dog.  It’s the mentality that this is mine and that is yours.  We should keep it very separate because I worked very hard for what I have.

I think that it’s time to realize that we cannot be the owners of our lives any more than we could pour all the water into the sea or turn the nighttime sky deep shades of orange.  We are not the masters of our creations.  God is.

If I take a profound photo it’s because God gave me the eyes to see it.

If we have a beautiful place to live it’s because God has poured out his generosity.

If we seem “blessed” it’s because we’ve allowed our lives to line up with God’s will.

Instead of trying, we allow.


No it won’t happen when you want it.

You will worry that you’ve been forgotten, that you’re not good enough or that this isn’t right.

But you also know.  You know in that deep, profound heart of yours that God is coming for you.  You know that he has some really cool and amazing thing for you to do, write, look at, build, create and love.



  • Sarah

    This is beautiful!!
    I love that when I surrender all, God always lavishes me with dreams answered that I never knew I had and satisfaction I thought I’d never enjoy.
    I’m so blown away by God’s goodnes! It’s like I forget he’s so good when I give up an idea or dream. Or I try to serve him and I don’t realize that he loves when I join him in adventures.
    Then all of a sudden I find out he has good plans for me! He really loves us and cares like we do for our kids and even more!

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