an open letter to my family.

Our name is on the deed.

It’s ours.

But the thing is, it’s yours too.

You have memories and experiences there.

I want you to know that we know that. That in some sense we share this space, you and I.

I want to you to know that we will take care of it, we will love it and fill it with laughter. Tears, too.

We will care for the land and respect it.

It will be a place for our children to connect to their history, to hear stories of the past and learn the life they are woven into.

A house is ours, but it can never really just be ours. It carries stories of all the people who passed through.

We have the great privilege to know much about this house.

We have the great privilege to make it our own while remembering what was.

Even though it’s ours I want you to know you are invited. To drop in, say hi, stay the night, share a meal.

We want you there.

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