be at ease in 2013 {update}

We’re more than halfway through the year, so how is my “be at ease in 2013” goal working out for me?

Well, in a lot of ways, I’ve reduced and simplified my life and made changes that will reduce stress.

But, I’m not sure if that has helped my contentment.

I’ve been anxious and pent up recently some days seem like a struggle even though they shouldn’t. There are so many “what if’s” and “what’s next” right now that life has really been weighing me down.

With some self reflection I’m beginning to realize that no matter what our future holds, if I can’t be content, happy and joyous right here, right now, I will never he happy and content. No place, job or garden will change my feeling of discontent.

So right now, I’m praying and working on being happy. Being the true me I can be, the woman full of peace that I think is trying to get out.

I’ve come quite far in the past 7 months. We’ve eliminated junk and excess activities in my life and we’re praying about a new path that God may be leading us in. If I can just focus in on living a joy filled life and accepting God’s grace every moment of every day I might just find that secret to being content that Paul is talking about.


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