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    Bread of Life

    The big boys are coming back after 6 days away at camp.  For a homeschooling family that is a lot of time spent apart and I for one am really looking forward to having our family together again.  I’m bet the boys have missed me, but just to be sure they remembered how awesome their mama is, I made them a big feast the night before they left complete with fresh corn on the cob and lemonade. I knew I wanted to stop for a picnic on the way home from camp because it’s a long drive and the littles will need a break.  We’re halfway through summer and I am weary…

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    I sit and write amid trash and crumbs strewn across the table.  One child is sedated by a show, one squirms on my lap and the others are outside, finally making their own fun.  The morning has been full of tempers that have flared.  Tempers that lashed out at each other and the schoolwork that we tried to do.  Forever I will be learning to not lash out at their lashing out because how in the world can I teach them to be calm when so many days I’m like a pressure cooker that’s not properly vented? For years I’ve been trying to figure out how to do social media…

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    the fall of summer.

    Free I be. Free I give. Unencumbered beauty gazing into the pinked sky. My shoulders give way to the beauty of the sunset. Releasing hot air as my breath enters steady. A cool sense of freedom draws me close. I am light. He is the light though the darkness dwells over the land. The rhythm of the day balances and I rest.

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    we will sway but we will not snap.

    I said words I knew I didn’t want to say. Hurtful words. Once again doing the same thing I swore I wouldn’t. I just wanted to be mad. And I knew that. But I carried on. The yelling and arguing. For no purpose other than the evil that I will always carry in my heart. The anger subsided, normalcy crept back in. Dinner was eaten. Kisses exchanged. I walked down the hill, the wet grass filling my holey boots with water. I breathed in the pear blossoms, observed the may apples popping up. But kept on walking, right down over the steep cliff, past the fallen hollow tree. I sat…

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    it’s ok.

    It’s ok to not always enjoy parenthood. I feel like I see so many blogs today about appreciating all the parts of parenthood, even the difficult ones because soon they will be gone and our kids will be grown. This is certainly true but I find it often adds guilt to my life. Yes, it goes too fast. Yes, I should enjoy every minute. Sometimes it goes painfully slow. Sometimes I really dislike the minutes. Some days I wake up exhausted because a baby used me as a human pacifier all night and I find two rambunctious boys ready to start their day. I rarely take a shower without one,…

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    enjoy peace.

    The past couple of years at the beginning of the new year I’ve had a word to focus on for that upcoming year. 2013 was contentment and for 2014 I picked peace. When I say I picked it, I really mean it picked me. But that’s another story. This year we got pregnant for the third time. We enjoyed a super quiet spring and summer in our neighborhood. This is a drastic improvement over years past…no burning houses, no murders or middle of the night screaming matches within a 200 yard radius of our house. We felt at ease in our neighborhood and happy to be here. We started our…

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    be at ease in 2013 {update}

    We’re more than halfway through the year, so how is my “be at ease in 2013” goal working out for me? Well, in a lot of ways, I’ve reduced and simplified my life and made changes that will reduce stress. But, I’m not sure if that has helped my contentment. I’ve been anxious and pent up recently some days seem like a struggle even though they shouldn’t. There are so many “what if’s” and “what’s next” right now that life has really been weighing me down. With some self reflection I’m beginning to realize that no matter what our future holds, if I can’t be content, happy and joyous right…

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    i do what i want? Is it wrong to do what we want? By this I don’t mean acting on impulses such as overeating, overdrinking and reacting in anger. I think I mean, is it OK to take what we believe are be good things, things that line up with how we want to live our lives and just do it? I’m never sure if we have to wait for God to give us a very clear, “you are to do this” answer in a loud booming voice or if we can take our talents and our desires and set out on a new course without being sure if it’s “correct”. Our family is…

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    how not to do it all.

    * Note: I was a bit concerned about posting this because I don’t want to come off arrogant or ungrateful for what I have.  It is simply documentation of how God is changing our lives and my desire to contribute.  I do not know what is best for anyone but myself.  And even then only God knows my path in life. There are times when I’m tired of being a photographer, tired of running a business and responding to emails and worrying about how many weddings to book for the upcoming year. I feel guilty about that. Just a few years ago I was practically begging for more clients. More…