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    Shifting seasons

    I tend to dread the colder months to come, but the taste of cooler weather has reenergized me for the fall months. There is so much beauty all year long, and I have to let go of one season to fully embrace the next. But for now I will live in summer, growing my garden, playing outside, weeding and wedding and more weeding, and probably another trip or two to swim in the lake before it shutters for the season.

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    giving thanks.

    The smell of sweet honeysuckle drifts through the air. I study the plant that will eventually creep up the wire to shade our porch and smile. I look at the flowers that line our porch, the food growing in our yard. My heart could almost burst from gratefulness. A house once broken, now redeemed. How long before it would have been condemned? But now it sits on it’s corner, shining bright for all to see. To remember what it used to be and see what it is. And to know, hopefully, Light is there.

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    Let there be light

    We live in a good neighborhood. In fairness, if you’re driving in from the suburbs, you might be terrified.  It’s not your fault, the neighborhood is intentionally mischaracterized. A few thousand people live in these blocks that we call home. Most of them are good people. All other things being equal, most of our neighbors will choose an honest living and treat other people with decency and respect. There are some people who go out of their way to do good for others, and some people who go out of their way to take advantage of others if the opportunity presents itself. It’s like any neighborhood in the world in…

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    gardens. part III.

    Almost everyday someone comments on how huge our plants have grown.  Some stop and ask what we have in there.  It feels good to know that perhaps this little garden is making a small impact on this neighborhood.   Itty bitty cukes.  Bolita beans (similar to Pinto) Melons need trellised The grains.  Quinoa in back, amaranth in front.   Crazy basil