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    family mission statement.

    Every family in our shared life group put together family mission statements as homework this past week to share with each other. This is something that Brad and I did a few years ago but we decided to start fresh.  I thought it would be fun to share ours and to encourage other families and individuals to do the same.  Making a mission statement is a fantastic way to consider the important values in our lives and refocus our time on what matters. We started by making a list of what is important to us and Brad with his writing power but it together in a beautiful, almost poetic way. —————————–…

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    the search for church.

    Sometimes I like to look back through old writing that I didn’t post because at the time they were too raw, too close for comfort. Sometimes when I find them now it is such a testament to the glory of God and the work he is doing in our lives (see the dung). Since moving to Zanesville we’ve been swept up in a loving and gospel filled church community.  They are plopped down in the middle of an impoverished area, right down the street from our work at The Narrows.   They are bringing God’s kingdom to the streets of Zanesville, worshipping him simply and focused on living with one…

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    the fall of summer.

    Free I be. Free I give. Unencumbered beauty gazing into the pinked sky. My shoulders give way to the beauty of the sunset. Releasing hot air as my breath enters steady. A cool sense of freedom draws me close. I am light. He is the light though the darkness dwells over the land. The rhythm of the day balances and I rest.

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    all that is.

    Sometimes when I’m stuck doing a really mundane task like sweeping or hanging clothes out to dry I think about how my grandparents may have stood in the same spot doing the same thing. When I look out over our hill in awe of the colors of the sunset I wonder how many nights they spent doing the same. I’m trying my hardest to see what they saw while also seeing this space through my own eyes. It’s a beautiful connection we have.  One that helps me to remember that even though we are all at different spots on our journeys we are all essentially the same. All of our…

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    the dung.

    *** I wrote this almost a year ago (it’s unedited).  Praise Jesus for what he has done in that year’s time.  We are in our spacious place and the house in the city is coming into it’s true glory.***   “We are not even the seed. We are the dung preparing the land to receive the seed.” Dorothy Day We knew that when we moved to this house 5 years ago that it was going to be hard. We understood nothing about the community around us other than it was broken (literally, most of the neighboring houses were vacant) and that we had a ton of work ahead of us…

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    enjoy peace.

    The past couple of years at the beginning of the new year I’ve had a word to focus on for that upcoming year. 2013 was contentment and for 2014 I picked peace. When I say I picked it, I really mean it picked me. But that’s another story. This year we got pregnant for the third time. We enjoyed a super quiet spring and summer in our neighborhood. This is a drastic improvement over years past…no burning houses, no murders or middle of the night screaming matches within a 200 yard radius of our house. We felt at ease in our neighborhood and happy to be here. We started our…

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    8 years.

    8 years seems like a really long and a really short amount of time to be married. I look back at photos from that day and think about how young we were. About how little we knew of our lives ahead but what we did know was that this was right. That despite our age and the concerns from family and friends we were to be together. And not just together, but married. Without a doubt we made the most perfect decision. I have been married to my best friend for 8 years and I’ve known him for 9 ½ and there are times I reflect on our life and…

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    The word “seder” simply means order or arrangement. We decided we would celebrate the Passover instead of Easter this year, which is a remembrance of how God liberated the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt. Saturday evening Brad suggested that instead of a traditional seder with the bitter herbs and lamb that we should come up with our own foods that represented what God has done in our lives. The thought of it brought a huge smile to my face. I’m certain the ritual of the Jewish seder is beautiful but I knew that creating our own based on our own experiences could be awesome. We decided to write down…