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    A city redeemed

    God is readying Zanesville for a season of transformation.  The old ways are leaving and new life is entering. The Lord has been strategically drawing people here for decades.  I’ve lost count of how many people have told us they felt led to Zanesville by the Holy Spirit.  One person told me that saw our town as a “city on a hill that cannot be hidden” (Matt. 5:14) Believers that have been crying, “Revival!”  and “Come, Holy Spirit” are beginning to see the fruit of their labor.  The sick are healed, the deaf can hear and the blind see.  The Lord’s presence is gaining strength and we GET to be part…

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    The other day I saw the first butterfly of the year fluttering outside the kitchen window.  I smiled with thankfulness for this season of renewal, joy filled me and I heard God say, “Verily, verily I tell you, the Kingdom of God is like a butterfly: enter and be transformed!”

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    This is the story of a miracle many years in the making. Five years ago I sat in our little yellow car with two young boys outside of the minute clinic. Brad’s ear was pained with infection. One prescription later we were on our way home. After a week the infection was not resolving so off to a primary care doctor he went. Another prescription in hand, a little stronger, and he was on his way home. And again he went back, still with pain. “Here, try this one, it’s a little stronger”, they said. Going to bed one night he told me his face looked off as he was brushing…

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    Photo dump

    Yesterday and today were shitty days. As the days wore on it felt like one rock after another was piled onto my back until I was slumped over and sad. But! The story gets better, it gets better because I have friends who at the drop of my hat will pray for me and my shitty day. And not just say they will pray, but literally stop working and pray to God for my life, and then take the time to send me eight minute long voxes with words that the Spirit gave them through prayer. I am so blessed. Then I spent time looking through pictures from the last…

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    A miracle

    The first undeniable, instantaneous miracle I saw was in June 2015. I had met a guy named Wade a few months earlier when we moved to Zanesville. He claimed to be seeing miracles regularly while praying for people on the streets of Zanesville, and he invited me to come out with him. That first day I went with Wade to pray for people, we met a woman named Michelle down at the thrift store. She was shopping, and Wade believed that God told him this random woman had one leg which was shorter than the other. When Wade approached her, this stranger, and asked her if this was true, she…

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    Backs and Babies

    I just started putting the baby on my back. I celebrate this milestone that allows me to bend over again. A baby on the back reminds me of the first summer here in this spacious place, carting Sol around while we learned to tend animals. It’s hard to believe we’ve cared for two babies in this place now, but not harder than believing I have four children. Others have shared a similar sentiment and the surprise over how my life has turned out is often written in the fine lines of a friend’s face. I don’t blame them, this wild, free, chaotic life is not something I could have imagined.…

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    Solar Dye

    The boys and I have been experimenting with plant dyeing the past couple of weeks.  We left butternut hulls, chestnut hulls and goldenrod in the sun for a couple of days, strained and then left some fabric swatches in the solution for another couple of days and found these gorgeous colors emerge. I will be doing a big pot of butternut hulls soon because that olive green is amazing.