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    Love, self-awareness & Craigslist.

    The other night while lying next to Brad I remembered one of my first moments of self-awareness.  I recall playing in the field near our crick (hello, I’m Appalachian and a crick is a small creek) thinking about how I could have been born anything, a frog or a butterfly perhaps, but I was born a human.  Not only that but I was born a specific human to a specific family with a specific set of emotions, feelings and interests. This is a little mind blowing as a kid, but also interesting to think about the possibilities.  What if I had been born a frog?  What if I had been…

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    The social media fast.

    I need to step back for awhile, maybe forever.  Hopefully forever. I feel like an addict.  Can I socially use social media…or am I doomed to waste too much time and anxiety scrolling through feeds? I don’t know.  I’m concerned I will feel disconnected from society, but I hope that I in turn will feel connected to God. I’m not going to set up many rules for myself because guilt will not help make this better.  I may still be on social media for business purposes or just to check something. I will be posting more here, photos and such that I would normally post on social media.  I encourage you…