Creativity of a child

At dinner last night Winnie ended up with two forks.  She exclaimed excitedly, “Now I have two forks to eat with!” and proceeded to double fist mashed potatoes for a few minutes.

I sat there mesmerized thinking about how any adult who ended up with two forks would place one to the side and continue to eat with one fork, like any “normal” person should.  But Winnie saw opportunity where we see silliness.

It made me think, how often does God give us opportunities to be creative for His Kingdom and we dismiss them because they’re too weird, wild, or big?

How often to we stick to the safe life because we are offended at what God is asking us to do?

Like I was talking about the other day, our big buts get in the way.

But I will look insane doing that!

But I’m not good at that!

But that could never work out!

God doesn’t want our buts, He wants our yes.

He wants us to think creatively like Him, and if that means eating our dinners with two forks until we don’t care how goofy we look, then maybe that’s what we need to do!

Maybe we need to sell all our stuff to see what comes next.  Or maybe He just wants you to pick up a guitar and start to learn one chord.  As we take a risk to try the things God laid on our hearts, often he gives supernatural ability to see it through.  I’ve heard of people being gifted a beautiful singing voice when they couldn’t hold a tune and others being able to play an instrument with no lessons.

Our buts, our view of ourselves are holding us back.

It’s not God holding back opportunities, but the problem lies in us failing to see what God is doing.

If He’s handing you two forks, for goodness gracious, pick them up and stuff those potatoes in your mouth!  Who knows what will come of the creativity He works through you.

It may just change the world!

(Blogtober day 9)

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