There’s always a point in the summer where we hit the doldrums. I’m never quite sure when it’s going to happen, but generally somewhere between mid July and mid-August we need a new direction.

When the spring air warms I pretty much throw caution to the wind and relax our routine. The kids are so happy being outside, and I’m so happy to have them outside that I don’t worry about schoolwork and indoor chores as much.

But then the doldrums hit and we’re tired, we’re a little bit summered out (as much as it pains me to say that), it’s hot and muggy outside, and the kids become experts at either laying around or making epic messes.

We hit the doldrums about a week ago. I’ve felt it coming, but didn’t want to admit it. But it’s here.

My cure: routine. We’ll be a little more intentional about schoolwork on these hot, hot days, and honestly will probably take another unscripted break once the few weeks of gorgeous fall weather hits.

People always ask me when I start school back up, or when I’m done for the year and my answer always looks like that shrugging emoji. I’m no good at following such a strict schedule, but I do enjoy knowing the yearly rhythms of our family. No one could have prepared me for how we would seasonally homeschool, but I’m so grateful for the flexibility over the years to learn what works best.

The other day I went to the dollar store and got some fun art supplies. I’ll order some workbooks soon and we’ll get ourselves in order again. Summer is a beautiful time, and I’m looking forward to soaking up all that we have left, just with a little more routine going forward.

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