epic mess 6.30.14

It’s 1:30 pm. I’m still in my pajamas and my kids in underwear and diaper. There are raisins ground into the living room rug and dishes covering all the countertops.

The laundry in the dryer is making the house 10 degrees hotter. My temper is flaring, combined with anxiety and sadness. An epic mess of emotion.

I should read my Bible, and I do. I don’t feel that comforted but at least I did it. I should clean the kitchen but instead I lay on the couch. My oldest is supposed to be resting in his room but instead I hear him piling crap on top of more crap. I’m sure there will be plenty of screaming and whining when its time to pick up.

I screamed over a broken light bulb. Sighed over many little things.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow could be better, it could be worse. I will live for today. To make it a little better than it has been.

Over and over and over again.


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