February 15, 2023

I’ve gone to bed with a messy kitchen more nights than not lately.

For about three weeks now routine has felt like it’s out the window. Every weekend I declare a normal week is ahead, yet every week feels unusual.

I’ve been reflecting on all of this and pondering if at the core of it all God is preparing us for what revival will feel like.

I recall Bill Johnson once said you could always tell the families that were in revival because there lawns weren’t mowed and their houses unkempt.

I think that’s where we’re headed. Our church has closed down it’s coffee bar this week and instead has opened up a 24/7 revival hub of prayer and worship. Brad and I normally do date night on Thursdays but we switched it to Wednesday this week so we could really soak in the first night of it.

We left the kids with some Little Caesar’s (because I also haven’t done a good and thorough grocery shop for weeks) and set out on the 25 minute drive to Cambridge. We ordered some pad thai, and while waiting Brad bought some ammo for his new hobby of target practice. We wolfed the food down in the car and then drove over to the coffee shop.

As I looked around the room I saw lots of people hungry for Jesus. They weren’t there to socialize, they weren’t there for a speaker or a worship leader, they were there to intercede and praise our Savior.

It’s holy what is happening. It’s holy. I’m not sure we can even fully comprehend what is happening but it doesn’t matter. We just walk it out, one step at a time.

We’ll eat pizza when we need to, we’ll rest when we can, we will live with messy house and unkempt yards knowing that the presence of Jesus is far sweeter than anything else.

God bring us into a joyful revival! Lead the way!

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