February 19, 2023

Gosh, one week ago I could never have imagined I would see what I have seen.

And God keeps telling me we haven’t actually seen anything yet.

That’s an exhilarating and exhausting thought. How? When? What? All the questions run through my head, but then I turn to Jesus and I think about all the lives changed the past few days and I get pumped up again. I get fired up because literally SOULS are coming into the Kingdom because of the work that has been done in a corner coffee shop in downtown Cambridge, Ohio. An unlikely place, full of unlikely people, yielded to the Spirit of God.

What began with weeping ended with joy. I think we all would have stayed the entire night if we could. We sat and listened. We danced and sang. We commissioned and anointed others to go out and take the fire of God to their towns. We prayed in quiet corners that hindering walls would come crashing down. We made space for tired kids to rest and tired souls to weep. God’s refreshing mercy poured out.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

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