gardens in may.


This will be zinnias along the garage and red raspberries along the path.  hurrah!may2013-0152

The peas are reachin’may2013-0155 may2013-0157 may2013-0158 may2013-0160 may2013-0164 may2013-0167 may2013-0168 may2013-0170 may2013-0173 may2013-0175 may2013-0176

Hopefully this honeysuckle will keep our porch nice and shaded from the late afternoon sun.may2013-0178



And just for a fun reference, here is what our backyard looked like the first year we lived here.  Yikes.  Under those weeds was a nice layer of gravel.  I’d say we’ve made some progress.  4448_692766368604_860390_n

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