January 25, 2023

We were all hoping to awake to a bunch of snow this morning but instead it was a little white, a little icy, and a lot of wet.  

By 3 pm it was 50 degrees out and looked and felt like a spring day.  The clouds were moody but the bright winter sunshine kept peeking out in all it’s brilliance.  Brad was out picking up some groceries after work (which was such a gift!) when he texted me a picture of a gorgeous rainbow.  

I told the boys to run out and see if we could find it here.  I stopped nursing Hal, threw on my sandals (because 50 degrees) and ran outside.

I took a few pictures of the boys chasing after the rainbow, and then handed my camera to Ira to take a few of Hal and I when I promptly slid to my butt on a mini patch of mud.  Thankfully Hal was spared the fall but my clothes were not.  Then the wind picked up and Hal and I were both nearly swept away, and in my haste I had not grabbed a blanket for him.  So basically Ira took three very uncomfortable looking photos of Hal and I.  Such is motherhood.  

We ate homemade pasta and homemade sauce with homegrown sausage for dinner.  The amount of dishes from today is still overwhelming me.  Making pasta, 4 loaves of sourdough, and starting a batch of sourdough bagels that will bake tomorrow has left everything a mess.  However, that mess is leaving us with our daily bread for the week and for that I am grateful.  

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