Jesus FOMO

We spent the weekend at Lake Erie with some of our friends and their kids.  It was wonderful and boisterous and loud and chaotic, all the things any good trip with kids should be.

There was a moment when the kids were asleep and we were chatting around the fire that I felt prompted to quietly pray.  I did for a few moments and then joined back in the conversation, but deep down wished that I could continue praying.

The next morning I took some quiet time by myself and as I was pondering the night before I heard the Lord speak, “Your fear of missing out on me has to be greater than your FOMO.”


When we’re with others in this type of setting I’m always wanting to be a part of all the things that are happening.  Of course that’s a good thing when you’re on vacation with others, but I also know that my heart needs to keep up time with Jesus or else it’s going to grow weary.

I must be more concerned with giving Him my best time and energy than I am with missing out on any fun or cool conversations, activities, etc.

It made me realize how often I give my top time to something completely useless.  I often give my firstfruits of time to social media, to a book, to menial tasks all before I give it to the Lord.

I need to believe that first and foremost goal of my life is to not miss out on hanging out with my Savior.

Jesus wants to be our best friend.  Too often I give my best friend the shaft and hang out with the wrong crowd.

The wrong crowd of the world: social media, the news, and TV.  These are not what God has called me to give my all to, He’s called me to give my all to Him and in turn He will give me all I need.

Lord please heal me of spending my time unwisely.  Please heal me of choosing to give my best time to anything other than you.  You are worthy of my everything, Lord.

(Day 8 of Blogtober)

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