The rebirth of spring and warm weather has also brought the rebirth of illicit activity in our neighborhood.

For some reason every year I think it’s going to be different. I think it’s going to be gone. Eradicated by the cold and barren winter.

But every year, like clockwork, it returns.

Don’t get me wrong. Our neighborhood is changing and wonderful things have happened. But evil is still here. Still trying to grasp at those who feel they have no other choice.

The other night I felt such deep sorrow over this.

We’ve now owned this house for 4 years (March 30th was our buying anniversary!). We’ve seen the houses around us go from empty to filled. We’ve gotten to know the names of the people who walk by.

I can’t stop thinking about the boys who 4 years ago were just little boys. They wanted nothing more than to ride their bikes through the street, play basketball and cause a ruckus (as boys tend to do).

Now I see many of these same boys turned into men too early. The streets have won and they wear their red proudly. They walk up and down these streets with confidence and fear in the same stride.

They have turned from boy life to gang life.

I don’t blame them. What else do they know? They are being “recruited” as early as 10 years old. They are given money as bribes when they want to run to the store for a snack. They are given a false sense of safety that someone cares about them.

This world makes me sad beyond belief. The grief that wells up in me because of the choices that these boys make is so strong.

I want nothing more than for them to know the love that I did growing up. Perhaps if they had the love of a strong family they would know that there is more to life than this ghetto and selling drugs.

All I can do is pray for these men. These boys. Pray that our Lord lifts them up. That he shows them they can be so much more than this. That their life can be wonderful.

Will you join me in praying for these men? Pray that they have the confidence to go against the grain, to stand up for a life that is different and a life that is better.

Pray that they can have a new life.

(This video is crazy.  haha.  But I really love this song!)


  • Alex


    I know and understand these feelings.

    Eli and I live in a neighborhood in transition (or it was– I think maybe it has slowed). We are trying to be good neighbors, and a lot of the folks on our street are good people. But the UDF at the end of our street brings a lot of kids into our neighborhood that are looking for trouble with (apparently) nothing better to do. The surrounding streets have high crime rates and some folks here experience random acts of violence.

    It is very hard.

    I am thinking of you.


  • melpauq

    Hey Alex! I responded to this in my head but I guess never in real life:( Thank you so much for commenting, It’s comforting to know that others are dealing with the same things and have the same struggles.

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