Logic or Jesus?

The funny thing about anxiety is that it evades logic, right?  No matter how many times you go over the rationality of said thing happening (always nill to zero, right?) your brain will still throw you for a loop so hard you have to get up off the couch and run outside until the panic subsides.

I KNOW that it’s silly to worry about this or that.  I can look at the evidence and know that this scenario is extremely unlikely to happen to me, yet at times the anxiety still invades and panic present.

God has been showing me that I can’t just look at the rational side of things to solve my anxiety, but I have to look at the Kingdom side of it.

When I’m spiraling, looking at what Jesus said as truth is the only way to calm my overworked mind.  Once I reflect on the Truth of who He is and the goodness he certainly has for my life, I can begin to finally relax into the trust He wants me to find in Him.

Jesus is my best friend, and the only cure for anxiety.  Only in Him will I find peace and solace for a soul that is weary of the world around it.

(Post one of Blogtober, in which I write a blog every weekday in October.)

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