October fifth

I sit at the dining room table, strewn with 4 year old’s paintings and schoolbooks and, weirdly enough, an old set of silver flatware that my kids keep looking at.  My husband sits across from me with the baby on his lap zooming with our students.  We have been highly adaptable in the past week, managing the school even amidst sickness.

If it wasn’t already, it’s really clear to us now that the Lord is in charge of this school.  Even when we’re sick and not as available, God is working through these women.  He’s forming and teaching them, and they are already doing the work of a writer, one month in.

I’m amazed at what He is doing.  I’m amazed that even though we’ve been yielded vessels during this time, that this mission is all still wholly dependent upon the Lord.

I would be lying if I said there weren’t nights of despair over the past 3 years, wondering how in the world we’re going to make all the pieces of this mission fit together.  There have been plenty of evenings that we’ve sat and ruminated on how something is going to get done or paid for, and every time the only thing we can come back to is prayer.  We call out to the Lord and He always comes through.

It isn’t always the answer we want, and it isn’t always as easy or clear as we would like, but God has built this school from the ground up.  He has made every piece fit and work just the way it should.  He is already building these amazing women into amazing Kingdom writers, and the fruit of their work is showing us just how important this mission is.

So even amidst the mess and uncertainty life can bring we will plod on joyfully, knowing that God has called us to greatness and is teaching us how to be just the right vessels along the way.

God doesn’t demand perfection but obedience.  I am yours, Lord, use me as you wish.

Blogtober day 3.

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