The waters

    We made it to Ohio’s ocean this past weekend and it did not disappoint.  I’m not sure what it is about being near water that calms the soul but I’m so glad it does.  I’m glad God created numerous waters when he made the earth, and put this innate desire within us to go there and be refreshed It’s no wonder that the Bible speaks so much about the Living Water the Lord has for us.  If even earthly water refreshed our souls, how much more will the heavenly springs within us keep our bones from drying out. On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said…


    An October swim

    Today at the count of 3,2,1 from my oldest son I plunged into the cold October waters of Lake Erie.  It was a summer like day and the waters refreshed and invigorated my soul. I sat there on the shore and watched the children frolic with joy in that chilly water for close to an hour.  I told myself, “Before we go I’m going in”. At some point, despite the absurdity and coldness and knowing I would have to take a shower for a two second plunge into the water I got up and jumped in.  Because truly how many times can you say you swam in Lake Erie in…


    “Can I?”

    The questions never ending The “Can I’s?” often exhausting My instinct is “No” “Never” “Of course not” “You don’t know how” But instead I back up compose myself and say, “Sure, go ahead and try” As I watch and go about my tasks I am overwhelmed at the beauty of an Ordinary moment turned extraordinary- A daughter learning how to peel carrots And she did it with nary a scratch (Blogtober day 5)


    I “get to”

    I’ve spent the morning cleaning the same things I spent yesterday morning cleaning.  Life is a cycle of cleaning, picking up, cooking and cleaning again and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Often I forget what a privilege it is to live the life I do, and I start to become a complainer.  But when I step back and evaluate the home life we’ve created and I get to tend, I know there’s really nowhere else I would rather be. I get to watch my kids be best friends, and too often each other’s worse enemies.  I get to hug them when they’re hurt, either physically or emotionally.  We…


    October fifth

    I sit at the dining room table, strewn with 4 year old’s paintings and schoolbooks and, weirdly enough, an old set of silver flatware that my kids keep looking at.  My husband sits across from me with the baby on his lap zooming with our students.  We have been highly adaptable in the past week, managing the school even amidst sickness. If it wasn’t already, it’s really clear to us now that the Lord is in charge of this school.  Even when we’re sick and not as available, God is working through these women.  He’s forming and teaching them, and they are already doing the work of a writer, one…


    Holy Innovation

    Recently, God helped me to see two places in my life in which things were not running smoothly and causing more stress than they should.  Both were laundry related, and I continue to be amazed that God cares about all the things in my life, even the amount of smelly laundry we make. I’ve tried lots of different ways that I’ve seen other moms talk about making laundry easier, but it wasn’t until God creatively revealed what works for me that I saw fruit. God inspired me with the two simplest solutions.  The first was that I get a different colored towel for each kid (ridiculously simple, right?  It has…


    Logic or Jesus?

    The funny thing about anxiety is that it evades logic, right?  No matter how many times you go over the rationality of said thing happening (always nill to zero, right?) your brain will still throw you for a loop so hard you have to get up off the couch and run outside until the panic subsides. I KNOW that it’s silly to worry about this or that.  I can look at the evidence and know that this scenario is extremely unlikely to happen to me, yet at times the anxiety still invades and panic present. God has been showing me that I can’t just look at the rational side of…

  • SOKW

    Extraordinary days

    Class is in session.  This thing we’ve been waiting for and working towards for the past three years is here and it feels so normal and extraordinary at the same time. As I was driving to orientation I was praying and heard the Lord say to “Expect the extraordinary to become ordinary”.  This has become my prayer: that these four amazing women who have stepped out into new territory will begin to experience extraordinary things so often they become ordinary.  That over and over again in their lives will they level up to new experiences and places in the Kingdom. It feels so right to have them here.  While we absolutely needed…

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    Time for the new.

    I’m sorting through every single thing in our kitchen today.  We are preparing to fully gut it tomorrow, a project that is happening about 5 years later than we thought it would. Life has been a little rocky lately.  We’ve had some strange medical issues, along with some normal but annoying sicknesses.  It feels as though we’ve had every common ailment over the past few weeks, and at times like it may never end. We are embarking on a new thing, the School of Kingdom Writers is just a few weeks from launching its first full time classes.  Students are actually moving from all over the country to little Zanesville,…