Photo dump

Yesterday and today were shitty days.

As the days wore on it felt like one rock after another was piled onto my back until I was slumped over and sad.

But! The story gets better, it gets better because I have friends who at the drop of my hat will pray for me and my shitty day. And not just say they will pray, but literally stop working and pray to God for my life, and then take the time to send me eight minute long voxes with words that the Spirit gave them through prayer.

I am so blessed.

Then I spent time looking through pictures from the last 3 months because I took nearly 2000 photos that needed edited.

To look through these moments, many already forgotten about, and to see a good life is pure joy. For that brief moment a shutter opens to capture light and darkness and shows it is good.


  • Sarah

    I enjoy going through my images too and seeing all the ways I have been given life with my kids and friends and this beautiful rock. Hope you have a better day and I’m grateful you have friends to help you overcome the hard ones. I’m grateful for you.
    Your images are beautiful.

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