remember cocoa manor.

Brad is a man who hates to change his desktop wallpaper.

The same rotating architecture photos have been on it since the day he got it (windows users, you know what’s up) and I’ve grown tired of asking him when he’s going to change it.

Yesterday I picked up his laptop to check my email and noticed (cue angel singing) he had changed the background photo!


Later that evening I asked him why he changed it to this picture from the beginning of summer, a Memorial Day party on our old brown porch.

“I want to remember our house that way, I like it”, he answered. The beauty of friendship shared contrasted to the ugliness of the porch.

Our house has changed so much this summer. Dare I say it actually looks beautiful on that outside? After 4 years of living in a really ugly, broken brown house it feels refreshing to know that the outside of our house matches the feelings in our hearts towards this place.

But, like Brad said, I too like to remember that old brown house and how far it’s come. It makes me a little sad that people who visit from here on out will never know how God used our skills to redeem this corner lot and bring it back to life.  At least not by looking at it.

However nice it is to remember the past and how we’ve changed, I suppose it’s best to live in the present. So my present consists of being so very content pulling up to this nice gray house with a green door. It will always be my cocoa manor, but I thoroughly enjoy the beauty a coat (or two) of paint can add.

(PS- Thanks for the picture Jessica:))

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