Rose colored glasses

A rose hue enveloped the world as the sun set last night.  I grabbed a cup of watermelon kombucha and felt the Lord beckon me out to the newly finished deck.  Admiring the sunset I heard Him say, “I am your rose colored glasses”

Just as the world looked gorgeous with a magenta tint, despite the weeds and toys, so will life in the natural look once we put on our God glasses.  Yes, it’s cheesy.  Yes, it’s true.

I came inside to make a couple of eggs, and as I began heating the cast iron, I looked out and noticed the sky was an even more blazing shade of pink.  I knew I had to capture this so I ran outside with my camera, but every picture I took just looked normal, with no pinkish tint whatsoever.  Photography is great but our eyes are greater.  Occasionally not even the best of cameras can capture God’s great beauty.

The Lord nudged me to say that looking at things from a normal and worldy perspective will not show what He is doing.  We actually have to be looking at things through those rose colored God glasses in order to see the beauty.

No amount of trying to be successful in the world will ever look good compared to what God has for us.  His beauty is never ending and incomprehensible.  That’s the life we’re guaranteed with Him.

The sky last night reminded me of this moment with my oldest two in 2015.

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