Seasonal observance

Today was the third extra dreary day in a row and, jeez, it just feels like it’s hard to do anything when it’s this dark out.

October is almost over and we’ve had such a good full month. It’s had its struggles and busyness too, but I have fully appreciated the fall beauty with my family this year. We spent many evenings headed out to the park to watch the sun set and those will become treasured memories for me. I would like to get one or two more sunset chases in before the time changes and the sunset comes right at dinner time, but this rain is making it difficult.

The leaves are dropping quickly now and soon it will be dull and brown. We are all hoping for lots of snowed in days this winter, especially now that we are in town and can walk to our friends’ houses or the park to sled.

It’s been different to observe the season change in town instead of in the country. It used to be the return of the crows and the browning fall gardens that signaled change, but now it’s the quieter streets and fiery maples along the sidewalks. It’s a different kind of beauty and a rhythm that will soon become normal.

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