sejal and the walk for water

You may not know, but Brad and I have a special place in our heart for drilling wells in India.

In 2011 Brad rode his bike all the way across Ohio to help raise money for The Water Cycle Project.  Together with Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Grove City we helped to raise over $50,000 to drill wells for small impoverished villages in India.  This will dramatically change the lives of those who live there.

Brad has recently published a novelette that he wrote concerning a (fictional) account of one girl’s journey in a small Indian village.

Please take a few minutes (it’s not very long) to read this story.  It helped me gain perspective on how dramatically life can change with one well.

Here is the link:

You can download this story for free from the site or purchase for Kindle for $.99.

One of the villages where we drilled a well.
One of the villages where we drilled a well.

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