Shifting seasons

August tends to give sneak peeks of the fall season ahead.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, low humidity and temperatures that made it feel comfortable to be outside, even in the middle of the day. As I watched the sun set from the deck I noticed the light is shifting, just as the season is. It looked like fall.

I left the windows open last night and it was almost too chilly this morning. It felt so nice to have fresh air in the house again (although I am so thankful for central air on those muggy July days).

Yesterday we awoke to a foggy sunrise, another one of my favorite late summer occurrences. The grass is full of tiny spider webs upon waking, and one who takes an early morning walk must be careful to not get stuck in one of the orb weavers magnificent webs.

The flowers are in full bloom. The sunflowers seem to keep reaching taller and taller and have filled up with many flowering arms. The garden is still producing much, even though with my desire to can more I wish it had a few more tomato plants this year.

One son has entered his large pumpkin in the fair, hoping to win a prize. Tomorrow we get to harvest it and he will see if his hard work has paid off. We will spend an evening later next week at the fair watching one of our favorite events of the year, rough trucks. There’s really nothing more redneck than watching beat up trucks and cars race around a dirt course.

I tend to dread the colder months to come, but the taste of cooler weather has reenergized me for the fall months. There is so much beauty all year long, and I have to let go of one season to fully embrace the next.

But for now I will live in summer, growing my garden, playing outside, weeding and wedding and more weeding, and probably another trip or two to swim in the lake before it shutters for the season.

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