The most random of thoughts + a birthday

It’s 10:26 at night and I’m typing in the kitchen while some sourdough roll dough mixes (aren’t mixers wonderful?!).

I don’t want to write anything, and I don’t really want to be mixing up rolls right now but future Melissa will be happy I did both. We had a really full birthday day for Solomon today and I’m pretty exhausted, but pushing through for a few more moments tonight will make tomorrow run more smoothly (and I will be happy that I didn’t miss yet another Blogtober day)

Today Sol turned nine years old. I feel like his birth 9 years ago was the ending to a life in Columbus. Just a few months after he was born we moved to Zanesville and our life changed significantly. Often it seems we have babies right before major life events (but maybe we’ve just had a lot of babies and it feels that way).

All in all we had a great day celebrating our third born. Donuts for breakfast, a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the train (He LOVES trains), and dinner at the local diner made for a really nice day. He got a drum set and spent all of his free time jamming on it with his siblings. He is the sweetest child, still loves to come near for a hug or squeeze, and has the best smile. I’m so grateful to be his mother.

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