The social media fast.

I need to step back for awhile, maybe forever.  Hopefully forever.

I feel like an addict.  Can I socially use social media…or am I doomed to waste too much time and anxiety scrolling through feeds?

I don’t know.  I’m concerned I will feel disconnected from society, but I hope that I in turn will feel connected to God.

I’m not going to set up many rules for myself because guilt will not help make this better.  I may still be on social media for business purposes or just to check something.

I will be posting more here, photos and such that I would normally post on social media.  I encourage you to subscribe on here if you would like to keep up with photos and such.

5 thoughts on “The social media fast.

  1. I admire this, but will miss you in my feed. You’re a great mamma…kind of reminds me of myself at your age…you’re a go-getter and you’d do anything for your babies.

  2. I commend you on this very hearty adventure that you are embarking on. I know that our Savior will gently guide you along each any every step of the way as you lean on Him. We will be praying for you as we do every day for you and your family, however we’ll be praying that this endeavor will be everything that you intend it to do. We love you and your family. By the way what is your grandma’s name so we can include her in our daily prayers.

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