we’re all babies.

Today as I was wiping off the oven I felt myself asking God what I should do.

He nudged me to put the rag down and to walk into the living room where my 4 year old lay sleeping on the couch (a very rare occurrence for him).

I looked at him with his mouth wide open, leaning onto the side and thought about how much he looks like he did when he was a sleeping baby.

Then God told me to remember that he still is that baby.

That, sometimes, we are all still that baby.

A part of us stays infantile, ready to cry and pout and whine when something isn’t to our liking. How often do we raise a fit to get someone to notice us, anyone, to come and make things better? To come and make things whole for us again. To love us and hold us until it all feels better.

Today my soul is reminded to be much more kind that I want to those who are hurting or crying or whining or acting out against me.

For they, like me, are just a baby that needs to be comforted and told that everything will be okay.


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