Jump in

Back in July, I saw a rectangle of light, in the shape of a doorway, when Brad and I were praying one evening.  As I looked at it, I got this sense of the Lord asking me if we were really ready for the new.

He was impressing upon my heart that it’s really up to us to step into the new and that He’s been waiting for us to be ready.  This whole time of transition over the past couple of years, I’ve been waiting on the Lord to push us into that new thing.  Turns out, He was waiting on us to jump.

So that evening, Brad and I held hands and jumped over an imaginary line in the middle of our living room.  A few days later we hit a rough patch with our kids, and I felt prompted to jump into the new as a family.  I explained to them that God is doing a new thing among us, and that we’re going to jump over an imaginary line as a way of saying “YES” to all God has for us.  Once again, we held hands and jumped!

It didn’t automatically make the hardships disappear, or the difficulties end, but it has changed my perspective and reminded me that the new is ALREADY HERE!

Jump in.  He’s waiting.

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